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FOB-05-24 - Wall-Mount Plastic ODF 24 Core

77.42 GEL
Fina : FOB-05-24 (კედლის ოპტიკური ყუთი 24-იანი)

Crosver FOB-05-24 Optical Distribution Box is used as a cross unit designed for fiber-optic networks with deep optical penetration (FTTH, PON, etc.). FOB-05-24 allows to input up to 24 optical connectors and to output 24 FTTH cables. Two backbone inputs insure reliable cable mounting. Cable strength elements are fixed by additionals mounting clamps. FOB-05-24 housing is made of stabilized UV plastic. Special keylock prevent unauthorized access inside the box, the rubber seal provides moisture and dust protection. Cable inputs are equipped with rubber caps. During the operation full water immersion is not allowed. Inner plate inside the box allows to install up to 24 SC type adapters, other side of the plate is used as splice cassette of nominal capacity 48 splices. There is an additional place for subscriber cables and transit fibers. FOB-05-24 design allows installation of additional optical devices such as multiplexers and couplers. FOB-05-24 is designed for mounting on walls and flat surfaces. Installation on poles is available in case of using additional clamps system (not included in delivery kit).


  • Backbone inputs number: 2
  • Subscriber inputs number: 24
  • SC adapters: 24
  • Maximum splices capacity: 48
  • Dimensions, mm: 350×270×100
  • Weight, kg: 1,5