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GYTC8S-16B1 - 16-Fiber Optical Cable with Messenger, Armored

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Fina : GYTC8S-16b1

Loose tube construction, tubes jelly filled, elements (tubes and filler rods) laid up around metallic central strength member, filling compound filled in the apertures of the cable core, then steel tape and PE outer sheath with messenger wires combined.


  • No. of fibers: 16
  • Standard: G.652D
  • Structure: Multi Tube (Fibers per tube – 6)
  • Tape: Steel tape
  • Type: Fig-8
  • Messenger: 3mm (7x1mm)
  • Usage: Outdoor
  • Length: 4km


GYTC8S (GYTC8S_SPEC.pdf, 203 Kb) [Download]