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7500mAh Portable Power Bank with 1A USB Port

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Fina : Easy Power II (7500 mAh) silver (TS-D049)

Pisen 7500mAh Portable Power Bank with 1A USB Port


  • Stores 5,000/7,500 mAh of electric charge
  • USB universal output charges iPhone, Galaxy, almost any smart phone
  • Micro-USB input charges the power bank itself (USB cable included)
  • Control switch on the end lets you decide when the power bank is on
  • LED indicator on the end shows battery status
  • Original, top quality Li-ion batteries recharge over 1,000 times - defect rate is less than 0.2%
  • Smart IC Current Protection prevents shorting, overheating and overcharging - safety is our first concern
  • Double-Charging Priority so the device charges first, then the power bank
  • Greater than 90% power conversion efficiency - more energy for your device than other power banks claiming the same "battery capacity"
  • Every power bank is factory tested for at least 72 hours and factory pre-charged to about 70%
  • Mini-portable size easily fits in pocket or purse