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5 in 1 Cable Tester for RJ45, RJ11, 1394, USB and BNC Cables (NF-838)

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Fina : 5 IN 1 CABLE TESTER for RJ45. RJ11.1394.USB & BNC (NF-838)

Catvscope 5 in 1 Cable Tester with LCD screen display and RJ11, RJ45, BNC ports tests Open, short, jump, reverse and cross talk. It can check, identify the sequence and find the location of damaged part too.


  • Large LCD screen, digital and tone display
  • Hunt cat3, 5E, 6E, coaxial cable and wire
  • Check open, short, jump, reverse or cross-talk
  • Wire sort and circuit status test
  • Locate the wiring or connection error
  • Measure cable length, determine the distance of open & short
  • Self-checking function and automatically compensate any change
  • Far-end recognizer with prompting voice

5 in 1 Tester Datasheet (5_in_1_tester.pdf, 60 Kb) [Download]