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Odeskabel plant was established in 1949. Over the years of its development, the enterprise has become the undisputed leader in the production of communication cables in Ukraine and one of the leading cable plants in Eastern Europe. Specializing in the production of telecommunication cables, the Odessa Cable Plant has mastered and is currently producing a wide range of copper and fibre-optic communication cables, radio frequency cables, as well as digital or LAN cables that are in demand in recent decades, the nomenclature of which is the widest in the EU countries. In addition, Odeskabel PJSC offers the power cables, wires and cords for various purposes to its customers.

The plant is still successfully developing, masters the new directions and occupies a leading position in them. In recent years, the enterprise has introduced a number of innovations, which include the production of heating cables, which are the basis of the “underfloor heating” system. Currently, the total nomenclature of the plant includes more than 10,000 label sizes.For many years the main Odeskabel PJSC priority is still the production of high-quality products with competitive prices, which has become the key to the market attractiveness of the enterprise.

The plant not only satisfies the needs of the country’s domestic market for cable products, but also successfully exports them. In 2018, the export of the enterprise amounted to about 32% of the total turnover. Odeskabel products are exported to Germany, Italy, Spain, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and other countries of Central and Eastern Europe, that confirm the enterprise’s competitiveness at the global market.

For many years, Odessa Cable Plant Odeskabel public joint-stock company was focused on the quality of products and competitive prices, production modernization and expansion, highly qualified personnel and management organization according to world standards. Such trajectory of company’s development allows the plant to be a rightful leader not only in its industry, but also one of the exemplary enterprises in the whole country.