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Wall Mount/Pole Use Plastic Box (ODF), 24 SC Simplex or LC Duplex

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Fina : wall mount box pole use ODF 24- SC with mounting kit

ODF 24-SC series of fiber optic distribution box is applicable to fiber connection and distribution in fiber distribution network. The material is engineering plastic, good appearance and safe lock-structure, easy installation.


  • Multi-functional conversion by changing fittings, to realize fiber distribution and fiber termination. Flexible application
  • Indoor/outdoor application, it is suitable for pole-mounted and wall-mounted fixing installation.
  • Varied of functions of fiber cable fixing, splice, spare fiber storage and patch jumper cable storage.
  • Fiber bending radius can meet the requirement in every place, to protect fiber effectively.
  • Rotary design for adapter panel and PLC splitter mounting frame, easy to operate and maintenance.
  • Parking application, to ensure effective use of signal resource.

wall mount box pole use ODF 24- SC with mounting kit Datasheet (wall_mount_box_pole_use_ODF_24-_SC_with_mounting_kit.pdf, 227 Kb) [Download]