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FOSC-S206/12-2-12 Vertical Splice Closure 24 Core

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Fina : FOSC-S206/12-2-12 (ვერტიკალური ქურო, 2 კასეტიანი, 24-იანი)

Compact fiber optic splice closure for optical cable of high impact resistance, terminal type. Designed for splicing and branching of optical cable at overhead, wall and underground installation. Input up to 4 cables, can be installed two splice cassettes type S206 with nominal capacity up to 6 and with maximum capacity up to 12 splices, heat shrinkable sealing entry.


  • The number of input ports and cable maximum diameter: 2 × Ø17 mm, 1 × Ø26 mm (2 × Ø15 mm or larger number of thinner cables)
  • Max. number of splice cassettes in the closure and the cassette type: 2 х S206
  • Maximum number of splicings in a closure: 12/24 (sleeves in two layers)
  • Dimensions, mm: 330 x 150