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FOSC-SS208/24-2-12 Vertical Splice Closure 48 Core

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Fina : FOSC-SS208/24-2-12 (ვერტიკალური ქურო, 2 კასეტიანი, 48-იანი)

Compact optical closure for optical cable Crosver FOSC-SS of terminal type has enhanced impact resistance,. Designed for splicing and splitting of optical cable under aerial, wall and underground installation. Allows to input up to 4 - 5 cables, 2 splice cassettes of S208 type can be installed with nominal capacity of 12 and maximum 24 splices.


  • Number of cable entry ports and its maximum diameter: 3 × Ø14 mm, 1 × Ø18 mm (2 × Ø15 mm or greater number of thinner cables)
  • Max. number of splice cassettes in a closure and cassette type: 2 х S208
  • Maximum number of splices in a closure: 24/48 (sleeves in two layers)
  • Net weight, kg: 0,79
  • Dimensions , mm: 340×175×137