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SP650E - Plate პრინტერი

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Fina : Plate printer (SP650E)

Plate printer can be used for PVC, ABS, PET etc material label and plate printing. This SP650E printer can print directly on plastic plates and label of PVC, ABS & PET etc materials with multiple sizes, colors (black, red, green, blue, golden, silver, white) at customer’s option.


  • Plate: length min. 5cm, max. 55cm;
  • Width min. 2cm, max. 8cm;
  • Thickness min. 0.2mm, max. 3mm
  • Print speed: 7pcs/min (tested with 32mmX68mm plate)
  • This whole set contains the printer, ribbon, one box of plastic card/tag, user manual and so on.