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უსადენო მოწყობილობები :: FH - NET :: FHC1102L-0220 Series OLT


FHC1102L-0220 OLT is a high performed, high density and module OLT which is for the demands as fiber accessing of the last 1km to the telecom operators, customer broadband accessing solution, innovation of bidirectional HFC network and triple play (HD video monitoring transmission with voice and video integrated access) of government, police and large-scale enterprise. FHC1102L-0220 OLT can provide at most 16 PON ports and 10GE uplink and L2/L3 switching through high-performed 10GE core switching module. The power supply and the fan ensure the reliable operation of the device and meet the high-reliable OLT requirements of telecom carrier customers and industrial users.


კაბელები სხვა :: ოპტიკური კაბელები :: GYTC8S-24B1 24 core outdoor SM (+messenger) 2.66 GEL (1 USD)
3.06 GEL



24 წვერიანი ოპტიკურ-ბოჭკოვანი კაბელი არმირებული, ტროსით (Single mode)


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