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ADSS-SS-100M-24B1.3 - 24-Fiber ADSS (Dielectric, Self Supporting) Fiber Cable

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Fina : ADSS-SS-100M-24B1.3 (Optical Self-support Cable, Drum length 2km)

Manufacturer Company: Yangtze Optical Fibre and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC)

Brand: YOFC

ADSS-SS-100M-24B1.3 is a Multi Tube 24 Core ADSS (All dielectric, Self-Supporting) Fiber Cable. Core Standard is G652D.


No. of fibers: 24

Fiber Standard: G652D

Cable Structure: Multi Tube (6 Cores per Tube)

Type: ADSS - Full dielectric, Self Supporting

Central Strength Member: FRP 1.6mm diameter

Max. Pole distance: 100m

Protection: Aramid Yarns, Water blocking yarn & tape

Attenuation coefficient at 1310nm: 0.35db/km max after cabling

Attenuation coefficient at 1550nm: 0.21db/km max after cabling

On Reel: 2km

weight: 65kg/km (without reel)

Manufacturer Company: Yangtze Optical Fiber and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC)

Brand: YOFC

Technical features:

  • Fiber Counts: 24
  • Fiber Standard: G.652D
  • Structure: Multi Tube (Max 6 fiber counts/tube)
  • Type: ADSS Self-supporting aerial installation
  • Usage: Aerial power distribution poles, wells and gaufres.
  • Central Strength Member: FRP 1.6mm diameter
  • Additional Protection: Water blocking yarn & tape
  • Maximum Pole Distance: 100 m
  • Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃
  • Installation temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃
  • Static Bending Radius: 10 times the cable diameter
  • Dynamic Banding Radius: 20 times the cable diameter
  • Outer Diameter: approx. 9.4 mm
  • Cable Weight: 65 kg/km
  • Cable Shell: HDPE, black
  • Max allowable tension: 2000 N
  • Crush(N/100mm): Short term 1500, long term 750

Fiber description:

  • MFD (1310nm): 8.7μm ~ 9.5μm
  • Cladding Diameter: 125±1.0um
  • Core/cladding concentricity error: ≤0.6um
  • Coating/cladding concentricity error: ≤12.0um
  • Attenuation coefficient 1310nm: 0.35dB/km max after cabling
  • Attenuation coefficient 1550nm: 0.21dB/km max after cabling
  • Bending-loss performance of optical fiber @1310nm&1550nm: ≤0.05dB (100 turns around a mandrel of 50mm diameter)
  • Polarization mode dispersion maximum individual fiber: ≤0.2ps/√km
  • Zero-dispersion wavelength: 1300~1324nm
  • Zero-dispersion slope: ≤0.092ps/nm2·km

Package Parameters:

  • Wooden Reel Volume: 105*75*105CM
  • Cable on Reel: 2km
  • Net Weight: 137kg(2km)
  • Gross Weigh: 203kg

YOFC ADSS Cable Datasheet (ADSS-SS-100M) (ADSS-SS-100m_-_20191206-YOFC_technical_Specification-Aerial_Cable-ADSS-SS-100m-nB1.3.docx.pdf, 436 Kb) [Download]

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