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KVM Switches :: TRENDnet :: TK-209K 94.77 GEL

tk-209_d1_(1).jpg                           TK-209K 2-Port USB KVM Switch Kit w/ Audio
      The 2-Port USB Audio KVM Switch lets you control multimedia PCs with just one
      keyboard, monitor, mouse, microphone, and a set of speakers. The KVM switch
      not only allows you to share your monitor, keyboard and mouse but you can also
      share microphone and speakers. With just a simple press of a button, this KVM
      switch eliminates the hassle of cable swapping and switching between 2 PCs. With it’s Hot-Plug, Auto-Scan and Hot-Key operating features, the TK-209K is the perfect choice for managing 2 PCs. Separate KVM cables are included.

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Wireless Equipments :: FH - NET :: 10/100 base -Tx&100 Base -Fx Media Converter 40km

190920141.jpgFHC0110-3S40A10 - FHC0110-3S20A10 FHC0110-5S20A10 RF to fiber optic converter is a kind of quick enthernet Media Converter with the function of  electricity switchover between 10BASE-TX or 100BASE-TX and 100BASE-FX. It can extend the conventional 10M Ethernet or 100M Quick Ethernet to 120KM via the quick Ethernet Fiber-optical Line.

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